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Telecommuting to the University of Washington

05/20/2020: Please upgrade Zoom by 05/30/2020.

"Beginning May 30, 2020, all Zoom software must be using version 5.0+ in order to join any meeting. Learn how to update or visit this page to download the latest Zoom software. Zoom version 5.0 includes several new security features and AES 256-bit GCM encryption, providing increased protection for meeting data and resistance against tampering." [quoted from UW-IT UW Zoom Updates].

04/24/2020: Zoom users DO NOT NEED to make any changes to their Zoom Settings concerning Data Centers in China. Zoom has been making a lot of changes to their product to address ongoing security issues.

IMPORTANT: For faculty who plan to record and share recorded class sessions, please remember about FERPA guidelines. UW Seattle's Center for Teaching and Learning has posted this guidance:
"If you plan to record your class sessions, be sure to include this statement from the UW Privacy Office in your syllabus:

This course is scheduled to run synchronously at your scheduled class time via Zoom. These Zoom class sessions will be recorded. The recording will capture the presenter’s audio, video and computer screen. Student audio and video will be recorded if they share their computer audio and video during the recorded session. The recordings will only be accessible to students enrolled in the course to review materials. These recordings will not be shared with or accessible to the public.
The University and Zoom have FERPA-compliant agreements in place to protect the security and privacy of UW Zoom accounts. Students who do not wish to be recorded should:
Change their Zoom screen name to hide any personal identifying information such as their name or UW Net ID, and Not share their computer audio or video during their Zoom sessions."
You and your faculty can read more here:

Due to the increase of ZoomBombing, PACS has added Preventing ZoomBombing to the Zoom Tutorials and Help section below.

The Physics Astronomy Computer Support(PACS) group ONLY SUPPORTS UW purchased computers/equipment. We do provide very limited support for personal computers.

If you are using a personal computer for telecommuting:

All University of Washington workforce members are expected to follow proper access and use agreement for UW Data and Information Systems.

These steps include(but are not limited to):

  • Keep all devices, operating systems and software up to date
  • Use anti-virus software
  • Use Husky OnNet when working remotely
  • Sign out or lock your computer when not physically present
  • Use eduroam Wi-Fi for UW academic, research, and business activity

PACS recommends that you *DO NOT* COPY OR MOVE UW DATA to personal equipment.

If you copy data to another system you could accidentally expose private/confidential information in a system that is NOT secure. In addition data that has been moved/copied will no longer be backed up and protected by PACS.

There are a variety of telecommuting resources available to the UW Community summarized in UW-IT's technology for working remotely. PACS will summarize the most locally used resources in the Physics Astronomy Building complex.

UW-IT has made UW Zoom Pro free to all current students, faculty and staff. Anyone in this category can host meetings of unlimited duration for conducting UW business. Instructors can conduct classes online using Zoom Pro, students can host study groups, and staff can conduct meetings with team members who are working remotely.

With the increased demand on Zoom/Panopto we are starting to see partial outages.  

Check for Panopto Outages

Check for Zoom Outages

Zoom Tutorials, Tips and Help:

  1. Zoom Safety
  2. Preventing ZoomBombing
  3. Protecting your Zoom meeting space and class sessions (TIP: Enlist a TA as a Co-Host to add or remove Particpants to the Waiting Room.)
  4. Teaching Guide: Zoom app in Canvas
  5. Downloading and Signing Into Zoom For the First Time (1:17).
  6. Scheduling A Recurring Class Session In Zoom (4:45).
  7. Your First Zoom Class Session (7:49).
  8. Setting Up Waiting Room (Could be used for Advising, Faculty Office Hours, allowing 1 student at a time)
  9. Free Daily Zoom Training provided by Zoom
  10. Learning Technologies Workshops provided by UW (including: Teaching Technologies Office Hours "Bring your questions about using Canvas, Panopto, and Zoom to teach at UW and get answers to your technical and pedagogical questions via Zoom.  The office hours will be hosted by Learning Technologies and the Center for Teaching and Learning.")
  11. UW Zoom Updates

Learning Technologies

Contact Learning Technologies via, attend our remote office hours or workshops.  Review the Teaching Remotely guide (in Canvas).  You can also self-enroll in this course to add it to your Courses menu in Canvas.  View IT Connect pages on Canvas, Panopto, Zoom.  Recommended vendor documentation: Canvas Instructor Guides, Zoom.