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Physics Printing

The department now provides significant printing, copying, and scanning resources for students, faculty, and staff. We have provided this because:
  • Faculty have repeatedly requested color printing and high-speed scanning
  • Washington State Substitute Bill 2287 requires 100% recycled paper in all devices and to reduce paper consumption by at least 30%
  • Physics needs to reduce our consumable costs 
Available devices and Costs
For the same cost of all of the consumables in the department plus the lease of two copy machines in the front office, the department has obtained:
  •     1 high-speed TODO UPDATE THIS SECTION

These are distributed on the Basement, 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th floors.

NOTE:  Color print-outs and copies should be used sparingly as these are VERY COSTLY to the department.  

Printers - Locations - Models
​Name ​Location ​Model ​Features
c121-mpc3003 ​Mailroom (C121) Ricoh ​MP C3003 ​​COLOR Printer/Copier/Scanner
phys-bw​ ​​Mailroom (C121) Ricoh MP 6002SP B&W Printer/Copier/Scanner​
​b219-color ​​PAB Room B-219
​Ricoh MP C2503
​COLOR Printer/Copier/Scanner
​b439-color ​PAB Room B-439 ​​Ricoh MP C2503 ​COLOR Printer/Copier/Scanner
​b219-bw ​PAB Room B-219 ​Ricoh (Aficio) ​SP5200DN ​B&W Printer
​basement-bw ​PAB Basement B-094 ​Ricoh (Aficio) ​SP5200DN ​B&W Printer
​peg-bw ​PAB C-221 ​Ricoh (Aficio) ​SP5200DN ​B&W Printer
​b408-bw ​PAB B-408 ​Ricoh (Aficio) ​SP5200DN ​B&W Printer
​b478-bw PAB B-478​ ​Ricoh (Aficio) ​SP5200DN ​B&W Printer
​c500-bw ​PAB C-500 ​Ricoh (Aficio) ​SP5200DN ​B&W Printer
Connecting to printers

Mac OS X

We are currently working on both CUPS based and Samba based printing for Mac OS X. Head to Mac Printing for instructions on Samba printing. 

Linux Managed Workstations

The new RICOH printers should be visible from any PACS Managed Scientific Linux Workstation.

Unmanaged Workstations

PACS is currently researching this option.

Windows 7/8/10

Windows printing is provided by browsing to:
For step by step instructions, head to Windows Printing in this wiki.

Features of the new printing system

  • Color printing, copying, and scanning
  • Scan to email and folder

Scanning is automatically sent to the following file share if you select admin scan.

Scanning is sent to the following Unix folder if you select faculty/grad scan folder.

Secure printing

For secure printing, you will need to do a LOCK PRINT JOB (formerly RELEASE_JOBS) see instructions here.

Departmental Policies - OTHER Printers

The department now provides adequate printing/copying/scanning resources for all staff, faculty and students. If an individual still needs desk-side or lab printing, the department has the following policies:
  •     Faculty, staff, and students can purchase department approved networked local printers.
  •     Printers that are purchased that do not meet department requirements are considered a specialized need and therefore consumables are the responsibility of the individual who purchased the device.
  •     The department will NOT provide supplies for printers that were purchased after July 1, 2012 or purchased before July 1, 2012 and are no longer under maintenance.