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NEW Astro Faculty/Staff

Computing Information for New Astro Faculty/Staff


Physics/Astronomy Computing Support (PACS) Email:

UW-IT Email Support:
UW-IT Connect

Astronomy Wiki


Email for astro faculty & staff is handled by UW-IT. Your Email address is <Your_NetID>

You can set email forwarding to Google or Microsoft Cloud.

Web Hosting

UW-IT provides a hosting service for faculty/staff webpages. The free storage allocation is 1GB (shared w/ other UW-IT services requiring disk storage) so it is not appropriate for bulk publishing of data.

If you have Google Service activated, you can create a Google Site or a NEW Google Site for FREE.

Activating Computing Services for your NetID.

UW-IT Linux Shell

For basic needs, UW-IT has a linux shell environment (Homer/Ovid) available for members of the university community. The free storage allocation is 1GB, shared w/other UW-IT services.


There are several departmental printers for general use:

  • expensive-2   C321   (Astro Mail Room) ** color **
  • astro-xerox   C321   (Astro Mail Room)
  • artemis          B382   (NBody-ANGST-VPL)

Note that the color printer costs the department $0.045 per page. When possible use the B&W printer. Department printers are for departmental business and should *NOT* be used for personal printing needs.

Faculty & Staff Linux Home Directories

Your home directory, /astro/users/<Your UWNetID>, is hosted on the fileserver homestar.astro, home directories are backed up nightly. This is a shared resource supplied by the department, and when it fills, it disrupts everyone -- it should not be used for bulk research data storage.

Current usage on Homestar.

Windows Home Directories

Your home directory is hosted on the fileserver \\\Astronomy This space is for astro faculty/staff home directories, which are backed up nightly. We encourage you to save your important documents to this folder, and not to your local computer's Hard Drive (C:)

General Disk Storage

There are additional linux data storage areas available to the general department fac/staff/students:

/astro/store/faculty1 5TB backed up nightly
/astro/store/scratch 5TB NOT backed up
/astro/store/gradscratch 65TB NOT backed up Grad use only (STF)

Linux Research Group Storage

Several research groups have their own file servers for group-relevant files/data. Check with your group for further info on these.

astro/store/epyc 146TB M.Juric
astro/store/imsim1 9TB Andy Connolly
/astro/store/phat 13TB J.Dalcanton,B.Williams
/astro/store/phat2 7TB J.Dalcanton,B.Williams
/astro/store/phat3 7TB J.Dalcanton,B.Williams
/astro/store/pogo1 39TB Andy Connolly
/astro/store/pogo3 24TB Andy Connolly
/astro/store/pogo4 82TB Andy Connolly
/astro/store/vpl1 17TB V.Meadows
/astro/store/vpl2 17TB V.Meadows

Nearline Storage

Besides the above mentioned storage areas which are directly available from our PACS-supported linux machines, there are several university supplied/supported options for data storage as well.

  • UDrive - 50GB FREE, more w/ Budget#
  • UW Google Drive - unlimited/FREE storage