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Offices have gigabit (1000 megabit) network connectivity via an orange RJ-45 wall port. Note that most offices have multiple ports, but in most cases only one port within the room is live. If you wish to connect multiple computers to the wired network, you can contact PACS to get a switch for your office.  

Basement Labs

Basement research labs are provided with two 1-gigabit network connections. "Fan-out" switches, to connect additional computers, are the responsibility of the lab occupant. PACS is happy to provide purchasing advice for switches.

Network Cables

PACS can provide network cables of nominal lengths (3' - 20').


Note that your are not allowed to set up your own wireless (wi-fi) access point.  Unauthorized wi-fi access points are against UW policy and can severely disrupt wired and wireless networking if misconfigured. Wireless internet access (802.11a/b/g) is available via the UW-IT wireless routers deployed throughout the building. The SSID is "University of Washington" and "Eduroam".   As of 2018 "Eduroam" is the preferred due to it's extra security.  ​ More information about UW Wireless.