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Mac Printing

NOTE: You need a active/valid UWNetID to print to the Department of Physics printer.
The instructions below descibe how to install a Department of Physics Ricoh Printer on a OSX(El Capitan) Mac. Please conserve on toner usage by creating and using a DUPLEX preset(see botom of page)

Available Printers & Drivers 

​Name ​Model ​URL
b219-bw​ Ricoh P 800​ ​​smb://
peg-bw​ Ricoh P 800​ ​​smb://
b408-bw​ Ricoh P 800 ​​smb://
​b478-bw Ricoh P 800 ​​smb://
c500-bw​ Ricoh P 800​ ​​smb://
b219-color Ricoh IM C2500 ​​smb://
b439-color​ ​Ricoh IM C2500 ​​smb://
​phys-bw Ricoh MP 6503 ​​smb://
​phys-color Ricoh IM C3000 ​​smb://
Install the Apple Ricoh Drivers for best performance.

Adding Advanced Configuration to the Add Printer Toolbar

  1. Open the Printers & Scanners preferences(e.g.: Click the Apple Menu -> System Preferences... -> Printers & Scanners)
  2. Click the '+' button to open the Add window. 
  3. CTRL Click while the cursor is in the Toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar...
  4. Now drag the Advanced Tool to the Toolbar as shown below: 


  5. Click Done when finished.

Adding a Printer

 Click on the Advanced Tool in the Add Toolbar, you should see something similar to this(it may take a few seconds before the window will accept input):
  1. AaP.jpg

  2. Change the folowing following options:
    •     Type: Windows printer via spoolss
    •     Device: Another Device (no change from default)
    •     URL: type in the URL for the printer you wish to add from the above list.
    •     Name: type in a local name for the printer you are adding.
    •     Use: choose(Select Software...) the Model from the above list.

    Here's a screenshot of what adding the 2nd florr color printer(b219-color) would look like: 

  3. Click on Add when done.
Triggering Windows Authentication
We need to trigger the UWNetID login process to allow access to the Windows Shared Printers:
    1. Double click on the b219-color printer we added in the previous section. 
    2. Select the b219-color window the opened. 
    3. Choose Print Test Page from the Printer menu.

  1. A login window should open:

    • Login with your UWNetID and your UWNetID Password e.g. if your UWNetID was "jdoe" and your UWNetID Password was "123" you would type
      Name: NETID\jdoe
      Password: 123
    • Check the Remember this password in my keychain box, otherwise you will need to enter your UWNetID and password every time you print. 
​Creating a DUPLEX preset
  1. Choose File > Print.
  2. If you see a Show Details button, click it to show all available options.
  3. Select the Duplex option.
  4. Choose Save Current Settings as Preset from the Presets pop-up menus.
  5. Type DUPLEX for the name of the preset.
  6. Choose All Printers can use this preset.