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Locked Jobs

If you have something confidential that you need to print and don't want someone else to be able to see the document on the printer, then you can use the Locked Jobs option.  NOTE:  This only works when printing to the large multi-function devices that require you to login to the device.  

We are now using Ricoh printers throughout the building and so the steps to send and print locked/release jobs have changed as well. The steps outlined below provide instructions on how to do so.

Note: Not all printers have this feature available. The smaller B&W printers (model SP5200DN) do not have this feature!

When printing a document, click into the Printer Properties (or sometimes labeled Printer Preferences) to get the Properties window to show up as in the below picture. For the Job Type, make sure to select Locked Print, and then hit the Details button next to it.
When the Job Type Details window pops up, make sure to put in a User ID (any alphanumeric string of your choice), along with a numeric password. Hit Ok twice to exit the Printing Properties windows, and go ahead and print the document.
At the printer, after logging in, select the Printing option, click the Print Jobs tab, and then finally select the Locked Print Job option. From there, you should be able to select your Locked document and print it after inputting your password. Use the below picture as a reference: