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Astro Printing

Printing at the Department of Astronomy

There are three laser printers: artemis(b/w,N-Body Shop), eris(b/w, C321), expensive(color, C321), and astro-xerox(b/w, C321).
All printers should be available from any managed Astronomy linux workstation.
Windows and Mac users will need to install the printers on their laptop.
Printer Information and Drivers
​Name ​Model
​ HP LaserJet P4014​ Ricoh MP C306Z (new hostname) ​Ricoh Aficio MP 6002
WINDOWS: Recent versions of Windows should be able to determine the appropriate driver for eris and expensive. You may need to download and install drivers from HP's or Xerox's support site if your computer does not support these printer models.
OSX: Recent versions of OSX should be able to determine the appropriate drivers. Here are the Apple Ricoh Drivers for c321-bw and expensive-2: ricohprinterdrivers3.0.dmg  <TODO:  Needed New Link>

Example: Installing eris on OSX 10.9
1. Open System Preferences.


2. Click on Printers & Scanners.


Click the + button to add a new printer.
3. Click IP and use the following settings:


Click the Add button.

4. Check the Duplex Printing Unit box.


Click the OK button and you are done!

NOTE: Please remember to check the "Two-Sided" option to conserve paper when printing.


Example: Installing Printer on Windows
1. Open Windows File Explorer or Internet Explorer.

Then  type   \\ 

2. DOUBLE-CLICK the printer(s) you want to install.  Installation will begin and can take 1-2 minutes to install.  Also you may have to RESTART your application to see the newly added printer.  

BEING GREEN HERE AT UW requires everyone to print on both sides to conserve paper when printing.

3.  After installing the printer RIGHT-CLICK  > PROPERTIES  adjust the settings to print on both sides.  Every printer has a slightly different looking screen to change this property.  


Click the OK button in the Document Properties window. Click OK in the Print window.
Your print job should print on both sides of the paper.