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Research Groups & Projects

Research groups and projects are diverse. Some are led by individual faculty, and some are team-based. You can also browse by research area or faculty names.
Group or Project People Involved
Axion Dark Matter Experiment Leslie Rosenberg, Gray Rybka
Classical and Quantum Nano-Systems Lab Arthur Barnard
CMT: Andreev Anton Andreev
CMT: FEFF John J. Rehr
CMT: Spivak Boris Spivak
DAMIC Alvaro Chavarria
Eot-Wash Group Jens Gundlach, Eric Adelberger, Blayne Heckel, Charles Hagedorn, Krishna Venkateswara, Eric Shaw
EPE: Collider Physics Anna Goussiou, Shih-Chieh Hsu, Henry Lubatti, Gordon Watts
EPE: Collider Physics Elham E Khoda
Fermi Gamma-ray Telescope Thompson (Toby) Burnett
Institute for Nuclear Theory George Bertsch, David Kaplan, Larry McLerran, Sanjay Reddy, Martin Savage
Integrative molecular biophysics Margaret S. Cheung
Lattice Field Theory and Application Stephen R. Sharpe
LIGO Scientific Collaboration Jens Gundlach
Many-particle Theory George Bertsch
Nano- and Quantum Photonics Arka Majumdar
Nanodevice Physics David Cobden
Nanopore Physics Jens Gundlach
Nanoscale Optoelectronics Xiaodong Xu
Neural Physics Marcel den Nijs
Neutrinos: COHERENT Jason Detwiler
Neutrinos: HALO R.G. Hamish Robertson
Neutrinos: KamLAND Jason Detwiler
Neutrinos: KATRIN Peter Doe, Sanshiro Enomoto, R.G. Hamish Robertson
Neutrinos: LEGEND Jason Detwiler, Nicholas William Ruof, Alexandru Hostiuc
Neutrinos: Majorana Jason Detwiler, Peter Doe, R.G. Hamish Robertson
Neutrinos: Project 8 R.G. Hamish Robertson
Nuclear and Neutrino Astrophysics Sanjay Reddy
Nuclear Theory Group Silas Beane, Aurel Bulgac, Gerald Miller
Nuclear Weak Interactions Alejandro Garcia
Particle, Field, and String Theory Group Laurence Yaffe, Stephen R. Sharpe, Masha Baryakhtar, Natalie Paquette, Marilena Loverde, Justin Kaidi
Photonic Devices Mo Li
Physical Biology Paul Wiggins
Physics Education Group (PEG) Suzanne White Brahmia, Paula R. L. Heron, Peter S. Shaffer
Physics Invention Tasks Suzanne White Brahmia
Precision Muon Physics David Hertzog, Peter Kammel
QFT Dynamics Laurence Yaffe
Quantum Materials: Chu Jiun-Haw Chu
Quantum Simulation Silas Beane, David Kaplan, Kenneth J. Roche, Martin Savage, Nathan Wiebe, Anthony Ciavarella
Radio Cosmology Miguel Morales
Selena Alvaro Chavarria
Single-Impurity Optoelectonics Kai-Mei Fu
Statistical Physics Marcel den Nijs
Symmetry and Topology Lukasz Fidkowski
Tests of Parity and Time-Reversal Symmetry E. Norval Fortson, Blayne Heckel
Theory of Lipid Membranes Michael Schick
Trapped Ion Quantum Computing Boris Blinov
Two-Dimensional Quantum Materials Matthew Yankowitz
Ultracold Atoms Subhadeep Gupta
Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases Group (Gupta Lab) Xinxin Tang, Jun Hui See Toh, Subhadeep Gupta, Tahiyat Rahman, Anna Wirth
X-ray Spectroscopy Gerald Seidler