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Policies: Undergraduate Teaching and Research Assistant Pay

Physics Department undergraduate teaching assistants and reader/graders will be paid at the current ASE minimum pay rate.  

Physics Department undergraduate research assistants may be paid at different hourly rates.  The starting rate of pay depends on factors such as those listed below in the Pay Determination Guidelines.  If a student has one or more of these factors to be considered, the starting rate of pay may be higher.  If the student does not have previous experience and there are no equity issues in the lab, then they will start at the minimum starting pay rate or the current ASE union contract minimum rate, whichever is higher.  To determine a higher starting rate in a research group, the PI will submit a justification to the Department Chair using one or more of the factors from the determination guidelines.

Pay Determination Guidelines

  • The range and complexity of the job's duties;
  • The knowledge and skill requirements necessary to perform the job;
  • Equity, including salary relationships with other student employees in the department or unit;
  • Longevity, merit, market conditions, and/or recruitment difficulty;
  • The appointee's relevant experience and training.