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Policies: ProCard Transactions

Effective Date:  12/7/2015

Purpose and Background:  All procurement card users are required to abide by all Washington State & UW purchasing regulations when purchasing with the UW Procurement Card (ProCard). The ProCard is confined to UW business purchases only, and must never be used for personal expenditures, UW travel related purchases, and unallowable costs on grants and contracts, specifically indirect costs which include memberships and office supplies1.  The Costing Policy for Sponsored Agreements (GIM 23)2 will be used to define, evaluate, and decide costs for grants and contracts.  The department is not financially responsible for any such purchase made at the discretion of the cardholder.  The cardholder is responsible for contacting the designated departmental personnel to determine the allowability of any ProCard purchase before it is initiated.  ProCard transactions must always be reviewed by both the cardholder and the department in a timely manner.

PaymentNet Sign In (click on ProCurement Card PaymentNet Connect button under Systems):

ProCurement Card Help Line:  206-543-5252

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Departmental Policy for Review of Transactions

Three (3) Business Days in Advance

A cardholder will perform the following by the close of business, at least three business days in advance of each PaymentNet deadline for payment of purchases (e.g. if the PaymentNet deadline falls on a Thursday, then the following should be performed by close of business on the preceding Monday):

  1. Validating that the purchase was received at the agreed upon price
  2. Enters a clearly worded, specific description of each item purchased in the transaction note box
  3. Ensures correct budget, project code (if applicable), object code allocation, and checks the “Cardholder” box
  4. Writes the Transaction ID, budget number, and project code (if applicable) on the first page of the source documentation in ink.
  5. Ensures that the departmental reviewer receives all source documentation for each transaction, with the cover page(s) of this documentation being a printed copy of the Transaction Detail with Notes Report3 signed in ink by the cardholder.  All packing slips are required to be included in the source documentation and are required to be initialed and dated upon receipt by the person receiving goods.

The calculation of three business days takes into account the fact that holidays or University closure do not count as a business day. Transactions complying with the above will be reviewed by the departmental reviewer by the PaymentNet deadline.

Any transaction that does not comply with all of the above will be flagged by the department in PaymentNet during its review.  A cardholder of such a transaction will receive a notice in writing about compliance, once per billing cycle, with a copy of this notice sent to the departmental Administrator.  After the third notice in writing, any additional transactions that are non-compliant will be forwarded to both the departmental Administrator and Chair for review and may result in the cancellation of the ProCard.  Further, any transaction which is paid incorrectly as a result of non-compliance with this policy is the responsibility of the cardholder.  Any such transaction will be reviewed by the departmental Administrator and Chair and may result in the immediate cancellation of the ProCard.

1 Usually, office supplies are considered to be the following, in strictly limited quantity based on routine and average administrative office usage:

  • binders
  • business cards
  • copy paper
  • diskettes (except zip disks and CDs for storage and retrieval of proper data)
  • envelopes
  • file folders and labels
  • letterhead
  • paper clips
  • pencils, pens, erasers
  • post-its
  • push pins
  • rubber bands
  • rulers
  • scissors
  • staplers, staples, staple pullers
  • tape (scotch, masking, etc.)
  • tapes for tape drive backup
  • telephone message pads

2 Costing Policy for Sponsored Agreements (GIM 23): 

3 To run the Transaction Detail with Notes Report, click on the “Reports > Create” tab in PaymentNet. Then click on "UW Transaction Detail with Notes & Account Codes Report." Enter the criteria - Field: "Post Date," Operation: "Cycle Is," Value: "Billing," [select the most recently closed billing period].  Then click the button, "Process Report."  Download and print the report for signature.