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Policies: Overtime

Overtime eligible employees must obtain advance supervisory approval to work more than their regular work schedule. Overtime eligible employees must be paid or receive comp time for all hours worked whether overtime has been approved or not.   However, employees who work unauthorized overtime hours may be subject to corrective action.

Compensatory time:

  • Employees may use compensatory time for overtime worked with prior approval from their supervisor.
  • Accumulated compensatory time must be used before approval of annual leave use.

Timesheet keeping requirements for overtime eligible positions:

  • Timesheets are required for all overtime eligible positions.  FLSA regulations require complete records showing total hours worked each day and a total for the workweek for all overtime eligible employees, whether the employee works overtime or not.
  • The Department requires both the employee and supervisor signature on all weekly timesheets.   
  • Weekly timesheets must be submitted to the Payroll Coordinator on a timely basis to keep accurate work/leave records and for reconciling payroll records.

The Physics Department adheres to all the UW policies regarding overtime as found on the Compensation website: