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Lecture Demonstrations

Welcome to the lecture demonstration facilities database at the University of Washington department of Physics!

As of Fall, 2009 the demonstration listing has been rewritten and reorganized to follow the Physics Instructional Resource Association (PIRA) Demonstration Classification Scheme (DCS).

For example, the Guinea and Feather (1C20.10) is listed as:

​1 Area​ ​Mechanics
​C ​Topic ​Motion In One Dimension
​20 ​Concept ​Uniform Acceleration
​.10 ​Demonstration Guinea and Feather​

The goal of the PIRA Demonstration Classification Scheme is to create a logically organized and universally inclusive taxonomy giving a unique number to every lecture demonstration. The topic and concept divisions of the structure loosely follow the standard textbook organization of chapter and section, although they were created to organize existing demonstrations, not cover the entirety of elementary physics, and therefore skip some areas of the curriculum covered by standard textbooks. The standard curriculum has changed over the years and categories have been created to contain the many demonstrations rendered obsolete by modern textbooks. Some single concept films, videos, and computer programs are sometimes included but such resources have not been systematically identified.

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