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Honors Introductory Physics Sequence

The honors introductory physics sequence is composed of PHYS 141, 142, and 143. Students with a strong interest in physics and strong calculus preparation are encouraged to enroll in this sequence. The material covered in each course in the honors sequence is the same as in the regular sequence, PHYS 121, 122, and 123, but each topic is discussed in more depth and may include active research and cross-disciplinary applications, and additional topics may be discussed. If you are enrolled in the UW Honors Program, the courses in this sequence satisfy Interdisciplinary Honors credits.

Prerequisites and Recommendations

PHYS 141
  • Prerequisites:
    • Either MATH 124 with a minimum grade of 2.5 or MATH 134 which can be taken concurrently
  • Recommendations:
    • A previous high-school-level physics course is strongly recommended, but it is not required.
PHYS 142
  • Prerequisites:
    • PHYS 141 with a minimum grade of 2.5.
    • MATH 125 or MATH 134, either of which can be taken concurrently.
PHYS 143
  • Prerequisites:
    • PHYS 142 with a minimum grade of 2.5.
    • MATH 126 or MATH 135, either of which can be taken concurrently.

If you have completed either PHYS 121 or PHYS 122, or have transfer credit (including AP credit) for those courses, and you think you are prepared and would like the challenge to take the next course in the sequence in the honors sequence, you should contact the honors sequence instructor. Based on a discussion with the instructor of your preparedness, the instructor will help you determine what is required to ensure that you succeed in the honors sequence and will determine if the prerequisite should be waived.

Grading Standard

Grades are calculated such that your grade should not depend on if you choose to take the course in the regular sequence or the honors sequence.