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H-ITT Clickers

As of Fall, 2010 clicker registration is now done through WebQ and the Catalyst Web Tools. See Section V for new instructions!

There are two parts to the H-ITT clicker software; one part to acquire class responses and one part to analyze them. These instructions will only cover the acquisition software because that is what is run on the lecture demonstration laptops. Instructors run the analysis software on their own machines back in their own office. You can download and install both parts from

The only types of clickers that will work are the TWO RIGHT HAND H-ITT clickers shown below:

three clicker styles

The clicker on the left is an older IR clicker. Note the three diodes on the front.

The middle and right clickers are the newer RF clickers that don't need to be aimed at anything, but they MUST be programmed to the correct RF channel (see section III).