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General Policies of the Physics Department

The following additional general policies are specific to the Physics Department.


In recognition of the importance of teaching experience in the education of a physicist, the Physics Department requires such experience of all prospective candidates for the Doctoral degree. Most students serve as teaching assistants at some point in their graduate career to fulfill this teaching requirement. Students who want to apply for a waiver because of previous relevant teaching experiences should contact the graduate program coordinator.

Student Conduct Code

Graduate students are required to behave in accordance with the Student Conduct Code for the University of Washington.

Positive Work Environment

The Physics Department is committed to ensure that students experience a positive and productive work environment in their labs, offices, and classrooms.  Graduate students are expected to avoid behavior that could be considered offensive or improper by fellow graduate students. Students are encouraged to consult with the graduate program advisor, the graduate program coordinator, or the department chair when issues arise. The same confidentiality policy applies for consultations as for complaints.

Complaint Policy

The Physics Department is committed to ensuring that students have a positive graduate school experience. To this end, the department makes every effort to prevent and respond to problems. Refer to the current Physics Department Policy and Procedure for Reporting and Handling Graduate Student Complaints document for details.

For a complete PDF version of Physics Ph.D. Program Information, Policies, and Procedures