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Forms and Presentations

Information for Prospective Physics Students

Admitted Students
  • Admitted Students 2020 (Low-Res) Slides with Notes
  • Admitted Students 2020 Slides
    Information for Prospective UW Students about the physics major. Includes information about why one might want to major in physics; which introductory course to take; what makes a successful physics major; career options for physics graduates. The version with notes includes a slide-by-slide summary of the talk that would have been given at the April 4 Admitted Students Day. The Slideshow version contains higher resolution version of the slides (without notes).
  • Departmental Fact Sheet
    General information about the physics department, including its students, faculty and research.
Incoming Freshmen
Prospective Majors
  • Prospective Major Information Session - Autumn 2020
    • Panopto Video (Requires UWNetID)
    • Slides
      Information about WHY you should consider becoming a physics major, WHAT physics graduates do both while at UW and afterwards, as well as HOW to go about applying to the major.  Question and Answer period both part way through and at the end (student portion edited out, summarized in Panopto titles, while including Prof. Olmstead's answers).

Information for Current Majors

New Majors
Graduate School Planning
  • Is Grad School right for me? If so, how do I get there? - Autumn 2019
    Presentation by Prof. Olmstead on factors to consider when deciding whether and when to attend graduate school in physics or astronomy, as well as advice regarding how to build a record (starting early!) that increases your chances of admission and information about how to navigate the application process.
SPS Annual Career Panel
  • Overview - 2020
    Presentation by Prof. Olmstead containing information on national physics career statistics and possibilities.
  • High School Teaching - 2020
    Presentation by Alex Stevens (UW Physics/Astro BS ’11) on his route to teaching high school in Issaquah.
  • Environmental Consulting - 2020
    Presentation by Marie Scott (UW Physics BS ’16) on her route through a research job at the Medical School to a system management position at the Allen Institute to a Consulting Firm.
  • Finding a Job - 2018
    Presentation by Cliff Slaughterbeck (UW Physics PhD ’96) containing advice based on on his experience as he built on various technical jobs to his current position as a manager at the Allen Institute for Brain Science where he hires physics undergraduates.

Summer Internship Opportunities