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Film Loops

One-Dimensional Motion
The Velocity Vector
The Acceleration Vector
Constant Velocity and Uniform Acceleration
A Matter of Relative Motion
Galilean Relativity I (Ball Dropped From Mast of Ship)
Galilean Relativity II (Object Dropped From Aircraft)
Galilean Relativity III (Projectile Fired Vertically)
Newton's First and Second Laws
Velocity and Acceleration in Free Fall
Newton's Third Law
Conservation of Linear and Angular Momentum
Conservation of Momentum (Elastic)
Conservation of Momentum (Inelastic)
Center-of-Mass Pendulum
Colliding Freight Cars
Conservation of Energy
Inertial Forces (Translational Acceleration)
Inertial Forces (Centripetal Acceleration)
Velocity in Circular and Simple Harmonic Motion
Velocity and Acceleration in Circular Motion
Kepler's Laws
Retrograde Motion (Heliocentric Model)
Retrograde Motion (Geocentric Model)
Rotating Reference Frames
Simple Harmonic Motion (The Stringless Pendulum)
Velocity and Acceleration in Simple Harmonic Motion
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
Dynamic Response of a Suspension Bridge
Vibrations of a Drum
Wilberforce Pendulum
Non-recurrent Wave fronts
​Doppler Effect
Formation of Shock Waves

Superposition of Pulses
Straight Wave Reflection from Straight Barriers
Reflection of Waves from Concave Barriers
Circular Wave Reflection from Various Barriers
Measurement of "G" (The Cavendish Experiment)
The Ups and Downs of Being an Astronaut
Physics During Weightlessness
Acceleration Due to Lunar Gravity
Pressure, Volume, and Boyle's Law
Heating, Cooling, and Charles' Law
Ideal Gas Law
Deviations From Ideal Gas
Avogadro's Principle
Gravitational Distribution ("Sea of Air")
Dalton's Law (Partial Pressures)
Graham's Law (Diffusion)
Brownian Motion and Random Walk
Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
Temperature, Energy, and Thermal Equilibrium
Resolving Power
Michelson Interferometer
Reversibility of Time
The Speed of Projectiles, Sound, and Light
The Michelson-Morley Experiment
Simultaneity is Relative
Relativistic Ride
Absorption Spectra
Particle in a Box
Scattering in One Dimension (Part I: Barriers)
Scattering in One Dimension (Part II: Square Wells)
Scattering in One Dimension (Part III: Edge Effects)
Scattering in One Dimension (Part IV: Momentum Space)
Free Wave Packets