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Curriculum Archive

The Physics Curriculum Archive is hosted by UW IT.  All faculty should upload your curricular materials for as many courses as possible, as a service to faculty who will be offering similar courses in the future. As discussed in the faculty meeting, decisions about exactly what to upload (notes, assignments, quizzes, exams, solutions) may be judged individually but I would urge, at a minimum, uploading assigned homework (and syllabi). A primary goal is to have a record of what was actually covered, and what was expected of students, in a given course offering.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT upload identifiable Student Data! (Exam score histograms are OK, but do NOT upload scores with student numbers or names.)

Organizing Material

In preparation for uploading, organize material for a given course into a folder with files renamed to match the form: <doc_type>_<seq_no>_<Description>.<file_extension>.



Accessing the curricular archive

1. Log in to the web site with your NetID & password.
2. Authenticate using the DUO app.

Uploading Files

  1. Click on Upload Cloud
  2. Choose the Document Type: Assignment, Exam, Notes, Quiz, Syllabus, Other.
  3. Choose the Year.
  4. Choose the Quarter.
  5. Choose the Course.
  6. Choose the Section.
  7. Choose the Instructor.
  8. Enter a Website [Optional].
  9. Press the Choose Files button (be sure to check box for Upload Another).

Select/Add all files of the given Document Type and press the SAVE button. Make sure the Upload another button is checked before pressing Save if you will be uploading additional document types for this class. Then change the Document Type and proceed to select the next set of files to upload.