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​The Committee prepares, administers, and grades the written Qualifying Examination. After considering all available information, including course grades and faculty letters, it prepares a proposed list of students deemed to have satisfied the examination requirement for the Ph.D. and a list of students deemed to have partially satisfied the examination requirement. It also prepares a proposal as to whether another attempt is to be allowed for those students determined to have failed the examination. These decisions are submitted to a committee consisting of the Graduate Program Coordinator, the Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs, and the Department Chair for their concurrence.

The committee should move toward implementing a system in which there is a collection of questions (from previous exams, or other sources) from which the committee will compose the exams. The goal is to significantly reduce the work load of the Examination Committee.

The graduate student members are responsible for participating in discussions and decisions about general policy, but not in the preparation and administration of the examination. Nor are they to participate in the discussions and decisions about individual graduate students.

Committee Chair