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Committee Descriptions

Committee Members

2019-2020 Academic Year


This committee is responsible for the operation and continuing development of the 1XX introductory physics course sequences.

This committee works to improve the appearance of public areas in the Physics/Astronomy building, as well as generating visuals for inclusion in the department website and promotional materials.

This committee solicits nominations and selects the recipients of departmental awards including, among others, the Andersen, Boas, Dehmelt, Henderson, Karrer, Miller, Higgs-Osborn, and Weis awards.  The committee chair, in consultation with staff, plans and supervises the award ceremonies.

The CDO Advisor works with the graduate student Career Development Organization Physics and Astronomy students in exploring career opportunities. It organizes seminars and workshops on scientific career advancement. In conjunction with the Department of Physics, the CDO annually hosts a Networking Day which brings representatives from the broader science and technology based community to the Department to interact with students in a one-on-one basis.

This committee works to improve the climate within the department with a goal of ensuring that every person experiences a respectful and supportive working environment.

​The colloquium organizers arrange for, advertise, and supervise the weekly Colloquium. The organizer also arranges with the various groups in the Department to share in the support of the speakers, provide abstracts for weekly announcements, and manages the colloquium speakers' meeting schedules.

This individual oversees the department's exchange program with Giessen University and coordinates as needed with the International Student Office.

This committee advises the Chair on departmental policies, programs, budgetary matters and other department affairs. It reviews proposals to the faculty, including all faculty appointments, prior to faculty action.

This committee, constituted as needed, carries out searches for new faculty.

This committee screens, selects, and recruits students to be admitted to the PhD graduate program.

This committee advises graduate students who are not yet firmly established in a research group.

This committee prepares, administers, and grades the Masters Review Exams.

This committee, chaired by the associate chair for graduate affairs, oversees the department's PhD program.  The committee is responsible for evaluating and improving the graduate curriculum, exam procedures, and all other aspects of our graduate program.

This committee performs collegial teaching evaluations, including recommending improvements in how peer teaching evaluations are performed.  The chair of the committee consults with the associate chair responsible for teaching assignments.

This committee oversees the department's undergraduate majors programs, reviewing the current program and recommending changes in curriculum and degree requirements.

This committee takes input from the Graduate Exam committee, and research advisors, and makes decisions regarding Masters Review performance.

This committee oversees the Professional Master's degree program in applied physics.  The committee chair oversees the admission of students to the program, in consultation with the Graduate Program Coordinator.

This committee plans, recruits speakers, and runs the Frontiers of Physics Lecture Series.

This committee oversees the department's Research Experience for Undergraduates program, which recruits students from around the country to perform research in the various laboratories of  the Department.

​The Committee is responsible for maintaining a safe working environment and insuring compliance with University and Federal safety rules. Specific concerns include: cryogenics, hazardous materials and waste, radiation, and electrical and workshop safety. The Committee provides recommendations to the Chair for measures to protect the security of both personnel and property.

See the Safety page for forms and information.

This individual serves as advisor of the Society of Physics Students organization, which organizes activities for undergraduate physics majors including regular meetings with colloquium speakers.

This committee is responsible for the curriculum, teaching assignments and budget proposals for Summer Session courses. The Committee submits a proposal for the next Summer early in each autumn quarter, and makes summer session teaching assignments early in winter quarter.

​The Technical Services Liaison is responsible for advising the managers of the Instrument Shop and the Electronics Shop on ways to meet the needs of the faculty, graduate students, and staff. In addition the individual is responsible for representing the needs of the shops to the Chair.

This committee screens and selects students applying to major in Physics.

This committee, chaired by the Undergraduate Advisor, advises undergraduate physics majors.

​The Undergraduate Advisor oversees the advising of undergraduate physics students, and is responsible for determining appropriate credit for physics courses taken elsewhere.  The undergraduate advisor keeps track of College and University rules pertaining to undergraduate programs making recommendations for changes to the department chair and Majors committee as appropriate.

This committee plans and oversees visiting weekend events for the recruitment of graduate applicants.

This committee works to improve the department website.