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Basement Cleanup & Storage

Last Edited: 11/8/2019

1. Labs

  • All spaces will have a designated individual responsible for the labeling, documentation, placement and disposal of all materials within that space. This applies even to "shared lab space". Designated individual is responsible for all materials in the space, regardless of original source.
  • Wherever possible, a secondary responsible individual with the requisite knowledge and ability to deal with issues in the absence of the primary responsible individual should also be identified.
  • All room signage will very clearly indicate primary and secondary individuals.

2. Hallways

  • No indefinite term storage of anything in hallways.
  • Limited term (<2 weeks) placement of items in hallways during move in/out is permissible provided Jason Alferness is notified in advance, all items are clearly marked with responsible individual, and items are removed from hallways as soon as possible.

3. Lab alleys

  • Only for equipment (e.g., vacuum pumps) in active use supporting associated lab.
  • Not to be used for storage of unused equipment.
  • Each side of the lab alley is the responsibility of the corresponding lab.
  • Adequate (3') passage-way to be maintained at all times.
  • Electrical panels must have 3' clearance as per code. All electrical equipment & wiring must meet code.
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic gases (N2, He, etc.) permitted in limited quantities provided all tanks properly secured and protected.
  • No other chemicals (except unused pump oil). No hazmat whatsoever!

4. Storage areas

  • Nothing is to be moved into B012 or B026 without prior authorization from the chair, Jason, or in the case of computing equipment, Wilson.
  • Boxes & filing cabinets of papers maintained only through established retention schedule.
  • Shipping crates only stored for limited periods (warranty period of equipment) and only when labeled with responsible PI and disposal date.

5. Loading dock

  • No abandonment of any material in loading dock.
  • No temporary storage w/o clear labeling of owner, date and notification of Jason Alferness.