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1xx Series Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Missed your Lab or Tutorial?
  2. Need to overload into a full class?
  3. Need to pick up your exam?
  4. Where is my classroom?
  5. What if I'm sick and miss my exam/lab/tutorial?
  6. Is there a lab fee refund policy?

1. Missed your lab or tutorial?

Missed Lab

If you miss your lab session, please try to attend a different section in the same week. You need to obtain permission from the TA of that section and inform him/her of your regular section. It is better to complete a lab the same week that it is scheduled rather than in the makeup week because subsequent labs may build on it. Also, the last week of classes tends to be very busy.

If you attend a lab section other than your assigned section, the report must be turned in to the TA of the section you attended at the conclusion of the lab and the TA must initial the report. He/she should then email your official TA with your score.

If you can't attend another lab during the same week you miss your session, you may make up ONE missed lab during the last week of the quarter.

Only one lab can be made up without special permission from the lab instructor. No more than one lab can be completed in a given lab session.

Missed Tutorial

If you have missed your quiz section, find another section later that day to attend. Let the TA of that section know that you missed your official section. If you are unable to attend another tutorial section, speak to your TA.

2. Need to overload into a full class?

So, you want to get into a closed section of Physics? Please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Sign up on the overload list with Susan Miller, Rm. C136 in the Physics building. (Office hours are 7:45am-4:45pm weekdays)

Step 2: Continue trying to register on your own.  We are not able to automatically enroll students into sections when spots open up, so it is HIGHLY recommended that you check for open spots on the time schedule several times a day.  If you find a spot on your own, take it and email me so I can remove your name from the list.

**Very Important**

Step 3: On the first day of class email Susan Miller ( before NOON to verify that you still need to overload.  Include the following information:

  1. Your name and student ID#

  2. The SLN(s) and section(s) you wish to overload (Example: Phys 121A 17328, AA 17329, AM 17338). If you can fit several different sections into your schedule, list them in order of preference.

  3. Your reason for needing to overload into a specific section (if any).

Susan will begin to overload sections in the afternoon and email you a confirmation of your new class section.  If she does not receive your email verification, she will skip your name on the list and overload the next student listed.

3. Need to pickup your exam?

Most 100 level exams will be kept in Susan Miller’s office (Physics building Rm. C-136) for the entire quarter. Exams will be kept on the shelves, unless students mark them for private pick up, in which case they will be kept in Susan’s desk. Students will need to show a photo ID to pick up their exams. Exams will remain on the shelves for pick up 2 weeks into the following quarter, and then will be boxed up to be disposed.

4. Where is my classroom?

map showing Physics classrooms


5. What if I'm sick and miss my exam/lab/tutorial?

EXAMS - There are 2 midterm exams this quarter. Students who must miss a midterm exam due to illness (or any other reason) shall receive a grade of Zero for that exam.  Your exam grade will be based on:

  • Either 44% from your two midterm exams and 22% from your final exam
  • Or 22% from your best midterm and 44% from your final exam

The best option will be picked for you automatically based on your performance relative to the class.

LABS - There is an opportunity to attend make-up lab sessions during the last week of classes.  Students can also attend a different lab session during the same week with permission of both their usual lab TA and the TA for the “make-up” session.  Students may make-up only one lab during the last week of classes unless they receive special permission from the lab professor. Make-ups of computer work are at the discretion of the lab professor. More specific details for each lab course can be found on the lab professor’s web page.

TUTORIALS - Tutorials cannot be made up. Students can attend a different tutorial session during the same week with permission of both their usual tutorial TA and the TA for the “makeup” session.

LECTURES - Lecture credit does not exist, except for clicker credit. Clicker credit is generally truncated or graded so that missing a few lectures will not lower the student’s course grade.

6. Is there a lab fee refund policy?

A student who drops this course before or during week 1 of the quarter will have the lab fee automatically refunded. The charge may show up on the tuition bill later received since the bill is generated fairly early on, but a student may deduct the fee from the amount paid, and all should balance out.

If a student officially drops during weeks 2 or 3 (days 8-21 during the summer), 50% of the fee will be waived IF the student submits a petition to the Physics Student Services. Refunds will not be posted unless specifically requested by the student. Students can request a partial refund by giving their name, student number, course dropped, e-mail address, and approximate day dropped to the Physics Student Services Requests MUST be made before the last day of instruction of that quarter; later requests will not be honored. Students who drop after the 3rd week are not eligible to receive a refund.