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12x Series Grading Allocation

Grading allocation in the Physics 121-2-3 sequence is based on the number of Student Credit Hours associated with each course component.
​Grade Weighting ​Percentage
​Exams ​66%
​Lab Homework ​5%
​Lab In-class ​5%
​Tutorial Section ​8%
​Lecture Homework ​8%
​Lecture Reading Quiz  ​4%
​Lecture In-class Quiz  ​4%

Your exam grade will be based on:

  • Either 44% from your two midterm exams and 22% from your final exam
  • Or 22% from your best midterm and 44% from your final exam

The best option will be picked for you automatically based on your performance relative to the class.

Approximate Exam Composition 

Midterms: 66% lecture, 16% lab, 18% tutorial (100 points)
Final exam: 66% lecture, 16% lab, 18% tutorial  (200 points) 

There will be Lab-related multiple-choice questions on each Midterm Exam and on the Final Exam. There will be one page of hand-graded tutorial questions on each midterm, and multiple-choice questions on the Final Exam. There will be one page of hand-graded Lecture questions on each Midterm Exam, plus additional Lecture multiple-choice questions. 55% of each Midterm Exam will consist of multiple-choice questions. The Final Exam is usually entirely multiple-choice. There will be no makeup exams.


The lab section grade is based on scores for all 8 lab activities done in lab section, including pre-lab and post-lab exercises on WebAssign. Students who complete fewer than 6 of the 8 labs, or score less than 60% of the available points for the quarter, will receive a grade of 0.0 for the entire 5-credits!


The tutorial section grade is based on participation in each tutorial session as well as completion of pretests, but the largest portion comes from scores on tutorial homework.